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How many good and healthy substances are contained in the samples? Is it possible that toxins have got into them? Do the samples contain as many healthy contents as the advertising promises?

Residue analysis at a trace level
LEON offers you a wide range of residue tests, so that your products are safe for the German and international market.

Whether your products are fruit, vegetables, grains, meat, milk, cheese, water or tea – you, as the dealer or producer, have a fundamental interest in knowing the extent to which your goods could be contaminated with pesticides, pyrrolizidine alkaloids, heavy metals, mycotoxins or other harmful substances. For there are strict regulations regarding limit values and guideline values in the EU. In addition, the consumer also has an increasing interest in and awareness of these issues.

An overview of our service portfolio:

  • Product groups
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    Our product groups:
    tea, tea blends and herbal infusions
    Herbs, spices and spice mixes
    Fruit, vegetables and products made from these
    Meat and meat products
    Cereals, muesli
    Grains and baked goods
    Oils and fats
    Commodities, furnishings, staff
    Water (drinking, mineral and table water)

  • Chemical tests
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    General regulations
    ncluding water content, dry mass, ash, acid-insoluble ash, sieve analysis Pesticide residues
    Pesticide screening (multimethod)
    Pyrrolizidine alkaloids
    Tropane alkaloids
    Mycotoxins: incl. alfatoxins, ochratoxin A, patulin
    Heavy metals: incl. lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic
    Nutrient regulations: incl. fats, proteins, fibres, sugars
    Natural plant constituents
    incl. coumarin, caffeine, theobromine, eugenol, essential oil content
    Additives: incl. colourings, sweeteners, preservatives
    GMO screenings
    Food allergens: incl. milk, egg, soya, mustard, gluten, various nuts
    Enzymatic and molecular biological tests

  • Sensory tests
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    We assess your products in a simple descriptive test
    conducted by three persons with sensory training.

  • Competent advice
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    Are you looking for a competent partner to provide you with advice relating to food and food law?
    Contact us!
    We will also support you in the area of hygiene and hygiene training.

  • Creation of expert reports
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    We evaluate the results of the conducted tests in accordance with the national food law (including German Food and Commodities Act (LFGB), Regulation (EC) 396/2005 etc.). We also have experience with other guidelines, for example recommendations of organic farming associations.

    Furthermore, we are happy to verify your packaging and your labels in accordance with the Food Information Regulation and ensure that you have declared your product correctly.

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